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Hi, I'm Matt.

I'm a marketing specialist dedicated to helping businesses reach their potential. I’ve grown brands and companies as a marketing lead and consultant for over a decade. Across multiple sectors, targeting business and consumer audiences, I've built agile teams and winning strategies at established firms and fast-growing start-ups.

I'm available to help your business with projects at crucial points of its marketing timeline, or I can take on the whole process using my full stack of skills.

How can I help you?

I offer a complete set of marketing services, supporting businesses at any stage of their journey, for projects large and small.

Perhaps you're just starting to discover your company's story. You might be grappling with the best way to explain how your new product meets a customer's need. Maybe your well-established business needs a refresh before bringing its next big campaign to market.

With a background in sales and journalism, combining acumen and creativity, I deliver tailor-made marketing to meet your ambition.

Select Experience

"From our online presence (digital marketing) to collateral design and events, Matt built our brand to where it is today... A great team player."
  • Head of Marketing,, Fintech
  • Acquisition Head,, Energy
  • Head of Marketing,, Venues
  • Manager,, Events

  • Founder & Creative Director,, Creative
  • CMO, /, Hospitality PaaS
  • Senior Opinion Former,, Journalism
  • SEO Writer,, Media

Marketing Services

I'm a full-stack marketer


That means I've developed the full range of skills required to support marketing at every level - from strategy to activation to analysis. I don’t just have a great understanding of the whole marketing process, growth to retention; I deliver it.

I can launch projects faster, to budget, and with greater success. that's a major reason I’ve had success at both Series A start-ups and established brands.

Brand Development & Strategy

Whatever your stage on the journey, I'll gain a strategic understanding of your business. One of the most enjoyable and productive parts of the process is helping a business find or redefine its brand to uncover the compelling story that's waiting to be heard.

I’ll bring data analysis, creativity and experience to shape plans that meet your goals.

Campaign Activation & Growth

From making sure campaigns reach the right audience to maximising the results when they do, I’ll help you define and meet your goals.

My experience actioning effective campaigns and helping companies communicate more effectively will wring the best return from your investment.


I'll gather the data to shape an effective strategy.

From crafting your message to projecting your vision, I'll make sure you have the internal buy-in that translates to growth.


Which digital channels connect to your audience most effectively?

Communicate and engage on the right platforms, safe in the knowledge that your brand and message is working across them all and talking to the right people.

Data & Analytics

We all know data is necessary, but how many companies optimise it?

I'm analytics certified, but I'll also help you think outside the box by accessing and analysing data that gives you a crucial advantage in your marketplace.

PR & Comms

Public relations can be forgotten in the flurry of digital marketing and backlinks.

The ways relationships are built and developed with media has changed, but remains essential for every brand. If you find the compelling story behind your product or service, the press will listen.

Business Development

If marketing isn’t your only route to market, it must feed efficiently into sales, business development, and every commercial department in your company. I’ll tell you that marketing is the most important function, of course! But I have also sold millions in direct sales to new business.

I also specialise in building strong teams, prioritising professional development for team members and helping shape a healthy and successful culture.

Content Marketing

As a journalist, I’ve filed thousands of column inches in UK press. I’ll develop content that’s is creative, engaging and entertaining but also powered by acquisition.

I'm a visual artist and graphic designer too. I'll bring a creative eye to direct your campaigns and presence so every asset works together.

Media Trained Brand Advocate

I’ve had the pleasure of launching a business live on radio - and I do mean it was fun.

I’m media trained and can instantly convey your message to your audience or help you do so. Vlogs and videos, adverts and radio spots all require a different approach. I'll help you define the right media for your audience and shape the message that connects with them.

Web Optimisation

I'm qualified in HTML, CSS and javascript, which gives me an essential insight into the digital side of a business.

I can build and fine-tune your websites and landing pages and help refine UX and UI with your product and dev teams too. It all helps bring a better product to market faster and more effectively.


I'm proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, from Photoshop to Premiere. I’ve been graphic designing for over 20 years, and I’m ready to help you shape your brochure, layout your investment deck, or set up your website quickly, efficiently and effectively.


I’ve managed large budgets for PPC in-house and through agencies. I've worked with leading companies and aggregators to kick off effective CPA campaigns.

Digital campaigns need careful thought and require constant assessment. I'll help you set the strategy or fine-tune digital outreach that isn't quite deliverng.


Using my ClickMinded training, I'll dig out your pinging and ranking keywords and make them work harder.

That doesn't mean your copy will be a slave to them or that they'll sink into a meta swamp... SEO works as part of an overall strategy. To keep your growth strategy relevant in a changing world demands constant review and adaptation. I can help you put the right checks and processes in place.


Is your copy doing the right job? Does it explain how your product adds value and why your audience should pay attention?

Your message needs to carry clearly and confidently through your copy to create best-sellers and successful launches. I’ve developed compelling copy in industries as diverse as finance and hospitality and I'm looking to expand the list.

Some of my projects


I’ve devised launch strategies, taking brands successfully to market with PR and digital campaigns.

As the brand advocate during Amaiz’s launch in March 2020, I took part in live interviews for ten UK radio stations.

> Listen to my GatewayFM interview


I’ve produced features, interviews and articles in print and developed and managed company podcasts.

The Amaiz podcast brought a mix of interviews with business experts and small business owners to multiple channels, quickly breaking the Top 50 entrepreneur podcasts.


I have a strong background in events from both sides: planning effective launches and delivering event services.

As Head of Marketing at Altitude London, I developed and promoted successful event-winning events for top brands and agencies looking for premium event space.


I've penned over 3k column inches for UK press, including bylines at The Guardian and Mirror. I’ve launched products and services with compelling copy that connects to the right audiences.

> Dig into my journalism portfolio at Contently.


Effective content takes many forms. As Head of Marketing at Amaiz, I rounded off the extraordinary events of 2021 by developing and project managing an audacious Brexit Brink Report with brilliant PR partners.

The report resonated with our customer base and press alike, exploring and highlighting key issues around Brexit in a unique way at a pivotal time.


I’ve interviewed some incredible and inspiring people, from tv stars to archbishops. As a feature director at York Television, I managed the production of a daily magazine show.

In 2011, I was part of a crew granted exclusive to Occupy London's Alternative Christmas party (interviewees Thom Yorke and Robert Del Naja above).


I’ve been involved with many companies seeking or emerging from various stages of investment. I've experienced the rush of excitement that comes with accelerating concepts and ideas.

I was part of the core Venue 10 team invited to the 2016 Metro Accelerator in Berlin (there I am, top row). The scheme powered V10 on the path to being a leading European food tech, as it pulled in and fresh mentors and stakeholders.


I've worked with huge brands to get adverts to press under and strict guidelines deadline pressure. I’ve promoted many events on multiple, carefully chosen channels.

A great example was the series of Skyfall charity screenings and luxury events at London Sky Bar in 2012.

Select Clients

  • SAP
  • 10 Downing Street
  • International Institute of Strategic Studies
  • Mirror
  • The Guardian
  • Open Energy Market
  • Amaiz
  • Ubiqus UK
  • Channel 4
  • BBC
  • London Skybar
  • Altitude London
  • Brewdog
  • Mercer (MMC)
  • Octopus

Recent Press & Interviews

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