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About Mattketing

Mattketing is a deep dive into marketing run by Matt Goddard, a Marketing Director, Journalist, and Creative.

Matt's experience crosses national press, start-ups and major London brands. He regularly captures The Raven - a digest of 10 talking points in martketing media and tech.


Oscars 2019 - Catching the Best Films, Round 91

My race to catch the Oscar films was on... Host or not! Here's my take on the contenders. 2018 was the first year I managed to watch every Academy Award Best Picture nominee before the award ceremony. It wasn't just a 90th edition thing - I'd been trying for years, even after a category increase...

The Candy Wrap: Christmas Ad Review 2018

EVERY YEAR I START TALKING ABOUT THE SEASON'S BEST ADVERTS, BUT THAT'S REACHING... As usual, this round-up is a non-exhaustive list that stretches from the aspirational to the ubiquitous to the entirely misjudged. The real tradition lies in the usual suspects rubbing carrots, or plush doll carrots, with the derided and unfortunate.

Personas: Chasing Major Tom - David Bowie's Other Egos

His fate remains shrouded in jewel-encrusted mystery, but David Bowie's first significant creation had staying power. The enigmatic Major Tom remained his constant if infrequent companion through accidents, addiction, life... SO RAN THE CATCHY RCA ADVERT FOR HEROES IN 1977.

Matt's Latest Writing - From Tech to Business, Finance to Film

The latest picks of Matt's recent writing on business, finance, technology, videogames, film, television, music, new media, marketing and general pop-culture.

Media & Journalism

From the latest moves on Fleet Street to emerging trends in digital journalism and media. From tech giants turning to print to the ways a digital future can safeguard a traditional past. It's a roller-coaster out there.

The Raven delivers


Marketing & Advertising

What's happening right now in marketing and PR and what’s on the horizon? Don't miss the regular 'Ad Beak' that celebrates the best in advertising or the yearly festive breakdown: The Christmas Ad Candy Wrap.

The Raven delivers


Tech & Start-up

Spotting tech news as soon as it appears and drawing out a narrative across multiple industries. Hand-on reviews of some of the latest kit next to the regular ‘Musk Zone’ and analysis of the latest successes and challenges in the start-up space. Follow the rise and fall and rise of tech at street level.

The Raven delivers


Highlights from The Raven: Season 2

1st July

Green Special

27th August

Bond takeover

11th July

The One that signs off with KFC Bucket Hats

13th September

In Filmmaker Mode

29th July

Moon Landing Special

31st October

Halloween Special

Every Raven, the Ad Beak highlights a recent advert or campaign that's sparkled in the nest.

Here are some favourites...

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Recent #AdBeak stars

Recent #AdBeak stars

Amstel, Bridges on Bridges, 2019 (adam&eveDDB)

KFC, Colonel Robocop, 2019 (Wieden & Kennedy)

Apple, The Underdogs, 2019 (Depth Control)

Warburtons, Good Bagel, 2019 (Engine)

Vauxhall, Riches to Rags: Jack and the Beanstalk (agency: Velocity / animation: Coffee & TV)

Tech and Media

Dead Island, 2011 (Axis Animation)

Budweiser, Wind Never Felt Better, 2019 (David)

Star Wars Battlefront 2, 2017 (BBH New York)

Gears of War 2: The Last Day, 2008 (T.A.G. San Francisco)

Škoda, Doug the Dog, 2019 (Rosapark)

Channel 4, Complaints Welcome, 2019 (4Creative)

Playstation, Heart, 2020 (Adam & Eve/DDB)

All-time classics

Audi, Orchestra, 2017 (VB&P)

Honda, The Cog, 2003 (Wieden & Kennedy)

Volvo Trucks, The Epic Split feat. Van Damme, 2013 (Forsman & Bodenfors)

Turner Benelux, A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square, 2012


Volkswagen, The Button, 2017 (Adam & Eve/DBB)

Haynes Beans, Mock advert from Cinesite, 2013 (Cinesite)

Samsung Galaxy, The Future, 2018 (Leo Burnett Chicago)

Royal Mail, Heist, 2017 (M&C Saatchi London)

AA, Stellar Rescue, 2019 (Adam & Eve/DDB)

HP, Get Real, 2019 (agency: GS&P)


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